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RCL Benziger – Online Lesson Planner Tutorials & FAQ
How do I recieve a PIN to access the Online Lesson Planner?
To recieve your PIN please fill out the form located at
How do I get to the online lesson planner?
You can access the online lesson planner by going to
Once I have my PIN how do I log into the lesson planner?
Once is open you will see a login box click on the button that says request new user name. Fill out the correct information into the new user registration form. The final option of the registration form is a text box named PIN this number was sent to you from our PIN Registration form. Click the submit button.
After I submit the registration form what do I need to do?
You will receive an email from with your username and password to login to the online lesson planner.
After I log into the lesson planner how do I create a calendar?
In the Select Calendar box click on the new button. Then in the add new calendar box provide a name for your calendar and select any holidays or in service days that your school or parish will be closed on and click the save button.
After I create a calendar how do I create a class?
To add a class click on the add class button at the bottom left corner of your screen. In the create a class box enter your class name, the class abbreviation, the start and end date, the time you meet, and the class days you meet through out the week. Once those items are filled out select the book you are teaching and any standards that are associated with the class and click save.
Once my class is created how do I create a lesson plan?
On your calendar click on the day you want to begin your lesson. In the add calendar item box select the class you created in the drop down menu. This will populate class resources. Once the class resources have loaded click on the arrow next to your class folder. You can either select a unit to populate the entire month, a chapter to populate a week or a day to populate a day (Please note that if you are using a parish book a chapter will only populate a day). Select the Unit, Chapter or Day and select the add multiple days or add day button.
Once my lesson is created how do I see it?
Double click one of the lesson plans on your calendar the lesson plan for that day will open. In the lesson plan box you will notice there is a view button by each section of the lesson plan this will open the page of the book that the section is on.
I have a whiteboard can I view the lesson planner with it?
In the top left corner of your calendar click on the toggle whiteboard mode button. If you are using a whiteboard this will create a full screen mode for a better viewing experience on a whiteboard.
How do I email my lesson plans?
At the top right corner of your screen click the email a lesson plan button select a lesson plan from the drop down menu. Next type the email address of the recipient along with the date range you would like and any message you would like to add with the lesson plan and then click the send button.
Who do I contact if my question is not listed here?
You can email our lesson planner support at Please give us 3 – 5 business days to respond.

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